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A small tale

Lose of job  -01-

Gordon : Alright boys... I’ve got some good news... but... alittle bad news too. The last shaft that came down around us no one has been hurt thank god and those that did only got some minor injerys.

[Crowed mutters]

Gordon : Now the bad news. due to all the recent activits with the mine becoming unstabel thee... board of directors, health and safety and comity of mineral exports has declared mine silverfall... Closed, sealed and condemed. you are all effective imeditly redundent...

Jack : Hey what about us saps?
Oliver : Yeah... are we getting compensated or something?

Gordon : settal down! settal! You will all be getting the rest of your wages and abit extra in a few days by check in the mail. Untill then... you’ll have to wait. Please hang up your kit on the way out. Best of luck to you all. hope the future is kind to ya’ll

[Crowed leaves]

Jack : Well this sucks... hey want to go down to pep’s?
Oliver : Yeah. see you there at about 2 ish?
Jack : Alright catch you later man.

[Gabe walks home
On way home enters flee market]

Gabe : 20 for that?

[Man nodes and sell chamera
Goes home and sits on bed.
Looks at camaera
Opens boxes and digs out books]

Gabe : Well not much else to do.

[Goes out to pep’s bar n’ grill]

Oliver : So what you going to do now?
Jack : Don’t know... Jill is pushing me to get a job at the textial factory - the carpet shop
Oliver : Whats wrong with that? You’re good with at art-
Jack : Art... is not something you can buy or... or pay for... it can’t be forsed ethe-
Oliver : so your lazy?
Jack : no I’m-
Gabe : Em... excsue me could I join you two?
Oliver : Yeah sure. And you are?
Gabe : Gabe... Gabe Watt.
Jack : He’s the guy that clocks on two hours before we go off. the 2 to 8 shift.
Oliver : so you do pay attention.
Jack : Fuck you.

[Gabe sits down]

Oliver : Anyways. what up?
Gabe : Ok... I will be blunt. I am going to make a film. And I am looking to see if-
Jack : what kind of film?
Gabe : A-a-a adventure type film like game of-
Oliver : How long is it?
Gabe : About an hou-
Jack : Were are you shooting it?
Gabe : Look do you want to be in it or not?!

[Jack, Oliver look at each other]

Oliver : Well... I’m up for it if you are Jack.
Jack : When do we start?
Gabe : When we get the troops togeather and a spot to film. We now need a tall bussness like guy. Any ideas?
Jack : There is Gordon we could nab him.
Oliver : Why the hell are you sujesting the guy that just told us all to bugger off?
Jack : He is tall, thin, got a good chin and has a good posture. He’s perfect.
Gabe : Ok so we look him up then?
Oliver : you two can. I’ll look up a place for us to film.
Gabe : alright. We will get started then
Jack : I know were to find him. Call us when you find a spot.

[All get up and leave]

Oliver : This is going to be fun.


[Car stops]

Gabe : You sure he is here
Jack : It is... half past 2 he always comes here for lunch. A pepar grilled cheese sandwich with a side of frys, slice of pickle, richmans tea and an english muffin. I had lunch with him once. very pleasent.

[Two enter]

Gordon : If you two are here to resolve some kind of achohole fueled, rage enduced vengence just go. I have already had one gu-
Jack : We are not here about that. It’s something else
Gabe : Yes... we’re planning a film.


Gordon : Ok... take a seat then.

[Two Sit down]

Gordon : So whats this film about?
Gabe: It’s er... a fantasy based TV seroic-
Gordon : So it’s a Pilot?
Gabe: Well... Yes...
Gordon : Can I see the script?
Gabe: Er ye-
Kat: Welcome to the tasty silver spoon! May I take your order.
Gabe: Cup o’ milk please.
Jack:  Dr. Pepper Would be nice.

[Waitress leaves]

Jack: *Snigger* A cup of milk? Haha
Gabe: What? I like mi-
Gordon: *Clears throgt*
Gabe: Oh yeah

[Hands over]

Gordon : Due due due... Buggers off... Meets people... fights monsters... goes to the pub... A few grammer erreors other then that it’s goo-
Kat: Your drinks.
Gabe: Oh thank you.
Jack: Danka
Gordon: It’s good. Who else do we need to get?
Jack: There is just me him and another guy.
Gabe: So we need only two more people. Another guy and a girl.
Gordon: Alrigh
Kat: Hey!
Jack: I think it is time we left.
Gordon: Indeed.

[Three leave money and leave]

Jack: One sec. Yellow? Oh hey Oliver... You found a place?
Down at-

[Guy goes out the winder]

Jack: Er... Nothing... We will be there.
Gordon: What was that about?
Jack: Oliver found us a plase to film
Gabe: Where is it?
Jack: An old warehouse in the outskirts.
Gordon: Jesus is this somekind of drug deal?
Gabe: Just get in.

[All get in and drive off]
[Kat Steps out in front of it]

[All get frights]
Gabe: Are you alright?!
Kat: I-I’m fine... I er... heard you were looking for a-a girl for a film?
Jack: *wisper* Should we take her?
Gordon:*Fuck no! Did you see what she did that guy?!*
Gabe: *He was groping her* (To girl) Whats your name?!
Kat: Kat...
Jack: *Lets take her. WE need a girl for this right?*
Gabe: Alright if you really want to get in.

[Gets in]

Gabe: Kat, Jack, Gordon
Gordon: Hello.
Jack: Sup?
Kat:Hi... So... whats this film about?
Gabe: Gordon you have the script.
Gordon: DO I hav-

[Gabe looks at him]

Gordon: Fine... The stroy is about a guy who gets pissed off with his uncle and desides to go on a . . .

[Drives off]


Jack : Ok take a turn to the right... keep going... Left aaand stop.

[Car Stops]

Gordon: This place looks like a shit hole...
Kat: But is it not OUR shit hole?
Gabe: It is a shit hole. With potental!

[Four enter]

Oliver: About time you guys got here

[Look around]

Oliver: So I found a sign sayying condemmed but I had a look at the roof at its fine. Fixed the holes. Just need to tide the place up abit and home sweet home.
Gordon: What about the company that owns it?
Oliver: Already ahead of you there. I called up the company that owned it and I made a deal I would fix up another place for them and they will let us use this.
Gabe:Nice! Alright... We are still short on one guy and we need an esentric. And a green screen. Alright... You three could you please Tidy the plase up abit. And Jack. With me agein
Oliver: Why does he get to go with you?
Gabe: Because he is a human GPS.
Jack: Daw... shuks...
Gordon: Allright. No time like the pressent er... Kat Could you help me with this.

[Two Leave]

[Drives up to mall]

Gabe: Alright. We need a green screen. Were to?
Jack: This way... and up.
Gabe: How do you know were everything is?
Jack: I play it all in a story.
Gabe: A... story?
Jack: Yeah. Like everything is in a chain that they all have a pleacs in life. The begining, the middle and the end. The Hero, the victom, the evil, the motive. It is all eternal linked in one another.
Gabe: You sure you are not a poet?
Jack: I try.
Mitchel: Heelo how can I help you?
Gabe: Hi we are looking for a- wait I need to go pee er... Jack you know what to get right
Jack:Alright Could I get a Large green scr-

[Toliet flush]

Gabe:God such releif...

[Come back]

Jack: But a Mac and a PC do the samethi-
Store Manager:Mitchel.
Mitchel:YES! . . . sir . . .
Store Manager: Come with me.
Mitchel: *sighs and mutters* Fuck my life.

[Two walk off]

Gabe:How did it go?
Jack: We had an argument about Computers. I was just sayying there was no diffrence betwe-
Gabe:Fuck sake... let us just pay for the green screen and leave WITHOUT making a sceane...

[Two buy and leave]

[Walk outside and go to car. As about to enter car Mitchel appears with shotgun]

Mitchel: Give me. ONE. Reason why I should not bury you.
Jack: Wh-what the fuck dude?!
Gabe: . . . Well this was unexpetecd. What is this about?
Mitchel:THIS JOB!!! This job was my last shot! I am two weeks over due on rent TWO WEEKS! A-AND I HAVE FI-
Gabe: Would you like to be in our Film?
Jack:Is this really the ti-
Mitchel: SHUT UP! W-whats this about a film... AND NO CRAP!
Gabe: I am making a small film after losing my own job. His aswell. I can pay you if you like.
Mitchel: H-how much?
Gabe: Tell you what. how much are you over due. All togeather.
Mitchel: Two thousand...
Gabe: Ok.

[Gabe walks to cash machine]

Mitchel: H-hey get back here!

[Gabe takes out bundle of money and hands it to Mitchel]

Gabe: Your down payment.
Mitchel: Is... is this...? You just...
Jack: DID you just give that nut two grand?!

[Mitchel falls to knees dropping shotgun]

Gabe: He needed money. That and we could have been shot. It is but paper and metal. Now... Would you like to be in ou-

[Mitchel holds Gabes leg]

Mitchel: I... I AM SO SORRY!.... So sorry...
Gabe: C-could you let go this feels kind of...
Mitchel: Oh-yeah-sure-sorry-making film?-Lets go!-what we waiting for?
[All three get in.]
Mitchel: So... were are we going?
Jack: A warehouse on the edge of town.
Mitchel: . . . Fuck . . .


[All gather chairs]

Gabe: Lady. Gentalmen. I have gatherd you all here today. To make a fil-
Gordon: Pilot.

[Gabe look]

Gordon: Alright I’ll shut up.
Gabe: As I was sayying. The ‘PILOT’ I am making is based on a young man who gets angry at his current life and goes off to adventure. I made a few copys of the script for all to read.

[All get script and reads]

Gabe: And. There is going to be a talent prospect in two months and I would like to enter this. Ok... any questions?
Oliver: Whos who... there is about 7 diffrent people...
Gabe: Kat you will play Lilith. Mitchel You play Carpo. Oliver you play Calob. Jack you play Keir. And last Gordon You play the plain walker.
Kat: Aw... I’m an elf...
Mitchel: Why do I have to play the old gu- . . . FUCK YES Necromancy!
Oliver: Main Char S-a-weet.
Jack: I am handycapped... Are you tryying to say something?
Gordon: . . .I am a demon . . .

Gabe: Now... any others?

Gordon: I have one. whats our budget?
Gabe: I have plenty of ca-
Gordon: How much?
Gabe: . . . 50,000.
Mitchel: What kit are we going to be working with?
Gabe: After our insadent... We only got a green screen and a chamera
Mitchel: Lets see it.
[Cham is chucked along]

Mitchel: This... is a big black bit of crap. Useless

[Throws it on the ground]

Mitchel: You need a new one
Kat: Em... what about props?
Gabe: Well. Ok er... PLAN! Plan plan plan. Let us split up into two groups. One goes out and gets a new compy and cham cord and some props. The rest will get togeather this place and build a few things a. . . a set. Alright? Good. Lets get started.

[Montage music]


Mitchel: Ok... Lets Get this... duel pro- qude OHH... shiny
Gordon: why are we letting him drop five grand on computer parts?
Jack: Don’t argue. trust me
Gordon: but he is a loo-
Jack: Don’t. Just Don’t.


Oliver: Alright. Kat nail it in.
Gabe: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd done. Damn that looks great!
Kat: See? A little elbo work can get things done. Now lets go and
[‘Grave’ falls apart]
Oliver: Oh fuck you.


Mitchel: And thats all of the techie side we need! Now what?
Gordon: Swords...Metal... Blowtorch... Pyronetics... some planks...
Jack: We got... 2 grand left on stuff. So lets think abo-
Mitchel: Just got some sword!


Oliver: Alright... Thats it glewed. Lets go- . . . I think my hand is stuck... Guys? Guys were are you? Kat? Gabe? This isn’t funny.


Jack: Ok. Thats everything in. Lets go!
Gordon: How are we to get in.
Jack: er... I’m driving so you two deisde.

[Jack gets in and two does rock paper sisers]

Mitchel:Rock paper- hey!
Gordon: Rock paper DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!


[Car stops]
Jack: Get out. Just get.


Oliver: I sware to god is you cut my fingers off...
Kat: Oh man the fuck up...

[Car rolls in]

Mitchel: MOM wer home!
Oliver: AGH!
Kat: It’s just a splinter...


Gordon: *VERY angry mubbling*


Mitchel: Nem-irc sin-gl sun-gan!
Oliver: It is Sun-GAM not sun-GAN
[Mitchel gives middle finger]

[Montage over]
[All in suits at theiter]

Jack: Were is he?
Gordon: He sould have been here by now.
Mitchel: Considering how much he put into this I thought he would have wanted to see it

[Olivers phone rings]

Oliver: Sorry on sec... Yellow... huhu... Gabe were the hel- . . . Oh. alright... hope it is nothing too bad. alright bye. He is at hospital with something.
Kat: Oh my...
Jack: So what... we just go in a get seated?
Gordon: Looks like it.
[Gordon and mitchel throw down cigerets and stamp on them]

[Movie plays]

(NOTE! There will be a seapreat script for that, difficults due to vocing a demon)

[Crowd aprasel]
Jack: Holy shit that was epic.
Kat: That... was total worth it.
Oliver: Shame gabe wasin’t here to see it.
Gordon: We could go and see him.

[Group gets up]

Bussness man: Excuese me. I am a talient prospect fo-

Gordon: We are not the compony owner. We are but employees who helpped to make this work of art and can not make deals on behalf of our employer.
Bussness man: I see... Well... Here is my card. tell your boss to give us a ring when he has a chance.

[Group leaves and goes to hospital.]

Doctor: Yes can I help you?
Kat: We are looking for our friend. Gabe Watt.
Doctor: Er... I am... sorry but. I am afreid he died a few momments ago.

Kat: Oh god...
Jack: Wait what?
Gordon: Y-you shitting me?
Mitchel: Damn...

Oliver: W-wait how...

Doctor: He had a very aggresive cancer. We found out about a two months ago. He er... also was holding this tape close to him. Almost like he knew he would die. He also asked me to give it to his friends when they showed up. so here... Sorry for your lose.

[Group go to werehouse and play tape]

Gabe: If you guys are watching this. then I am dead. If not get the fuck out of my stuff. The reason I wanted to make this film was because I had cancer. doctor got it in its VERY late stages and well... there was not much they could do about it... So. I desided to do all shit I wanted to do. For those who had helped me with this I will split my estate between you lot. I did not have 50,000. I have 7,000,000. I was born into a VERY wealth family and due to a few accidents I was the only one left. And before you ask WHY I worked in a mine it was to get fit. Like revise gym. Like they pay ME! to git fit... or would it be paying me to get fat... hu... anyways I will also be giving you the rest of my scripts incause you want to make them all or get an offer to make them. Thank you for making my dream real... I hope the future will be kind to you guys. good bye... and thanks for all the fish.

[Week later funeral. Sad music plays. end credits.]
Alright Guys It is fucking DONE!
P.S. Please excuse any spelling or grammar issues I am dyslexic and there is no auto spell (or at lest it does not work for me)

OK characters are as follow

Gabe : ME!

Jack : Quiggles :

Kat : Adurna :

Oliver : Z-axis :

Mitchel : Gonzo :

Gordon : Monopole :

Everyone else : Extra :
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